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    Default Inner Game: On the Road to Finding Your Happiness

    Hey guys,

    Just had an Ah Ha moment so I wanted to scribble this idea down. Just for you to understand how I got to this idea, I gave a brief history of my PUA journey. For those who just wants to get to the gist of things, just scroll down to the "Message" area

    I got in the community early in my collage career. Focused most of my energy on the indirect side of game, being fun loving, friendly, and entertaining. This helped introduce me to new, quality people, but my success with women relativity stayed the same.

    That is where I made the transition towards Direct Game and the out come was amazing(Shout out to Sasha, Alan Roger Currie, and David X). I now had the opportunity to meet any women that I had an interest in. No matter what the social environment might be, I learned it was possible for me to approach, and get to know the women of my choice.

    Right now I am at the place where I am continuing to break out of the chains that society has put on my mind and continuing to push for what I want without concerning myself with others opinion.

    This has been great when I am approaching someone that catches my interest, but because I don't care for others opinions, the quality of my everyday interactions with people started to diminish. No longer was I starting random conversations in the bus, elevator, or in class. No longer was I talking to people just to simply get to know them. No longer was I the friendly guy that made peoples days with a simple greeting and a smile. And although I did all of those things with the Mindset of me trying to get other people to like me (and focusing my happiness based on other people. Big no no), I still wanted to spread the joy of life to others.

    So I was going though life attempting to find the balance of focusing on myself as well as being the friendly person that I grew accustomed to being, when several interactions opened my eyes to how it all comes together. And with this revelation, I feel that it would help out anyone who feel overwhelmed with their thoughts or going though life with a dull feeling.

    *** Message ***

    On your road to happiness, you are focused on where you want to go. You are obviously not where you want to be, so you put your energy in continuing to strive forward. But there is on thing you must remember..


    I believe the true goal for PUA is to always be fully in the moment (well... and to get laid of course), but even though that is the endgame, this is something you can achieve now. I know its the most used advice to just "be yourself" and "dont think too much", but that is truly the core of success. To not go and fiiling your mind ways to get someone to like you, to not think about what is acceptable in a social environment, to not think about what to say next. The community is here for you to help you...

    (and... to get laid)

    The content on here is great to show you that it is possible, and they give you some tools to get started, but you and your natural awesomeness takes it from there.

    From there everything just flows and your swagger will be at its top level. If you like a girl, just go up to her and LIVE IN THAT MOMENT. A pretty face walks by and you want to say hi, LIVE IN THAT MOMENT. Just got in a random conversation with your boss, LIVE IN THE MOMENT. No need to think about what would be best to say, or if they dont agree with your opinions, the best "you" comes out when you are in the moment. This applies to all areas of your life. So no matter what, being you will bring the best results because you are being YOU. You are being real. And in a world where most people are conditioned to be fake, your "you-ness" will be a breath of fresh air. To those around you, and to yourself.


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    Default Re: Inner Game: On the Road to Finding Your Happiness

    Hey Dice, very refreshing viewpoint. I would also like to add a little revelation I had myself yesterday, that we are here to be happy men that enjoy the company of a pretty woman. Being there allows you to savor the moment you have to enjoy with that pretty girl you were dreaming about approaching, 3 seconds ago (assuming the 3 second rule), to its max.

    Being all up in our heads not only keeps us from enjoying that moment, but puts a frown on our faces as we ponder on what we should do or say next, which isn't necessarily helpful in our approach.

    So how do we get "in the moment"? Yesterday I found the best exercise is to say hi to everyone you see along the way to wherever you are going at that point in time, work, home, store, veggy isle, etc. You will be concentrating so much on saying hi to this next person that if the "interaction" brings up a smile or develops into a conversation, you will be so in the moment that you will have no time to think about "what if" when this person is already liking your interaction with them.

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