Seeking tips for starting conversations with girls while I am by myself, across various contexts--from bars to airports to the gym. Usually I let friends make the uncomfortable approach as this ensures no immediate, personal rejection, while also allowing me to preserve my outward confidence. This outsourcing, however, has made me more dependent on friends for the initial approach (duhhh) and for the ensuing group conversation, while making me far less self-assured when alone--this part is really bad.

For more helpful advice, I will divide women and their behavior across three divisions. In the first are women who stare constantly, and with this type I have no problem approaching or closing the deal. My problem with these women is that they are, for a lack of a better word, subpar and they have rarely led to more than a one night 'explosion'.

In the second division fall women who give fleeting glances. These women are most often not alone (as they are sufficiently confident to glance while highly guarded against being labeled by their friends). Advice on how to approach women in this 'division' would serve me best. It would also be great if you let me know whether the advice works whether they are alone or not.

Lastly, in the third division, fall those who are simply minding their own business. This is also a segment I would love to reach so advice for this group would also come in handy.

A little about me: Appearance: very confident (although I have yet to learn how to walk away gracefully from a rejection), well dressed, and extremely good at humor. I am also extremely empathetic (it's an actual disease), and this trait leads to my noticing of extremely small body signals (much more than I would like, but I can't change this), and an endless array of body-signal interpretations. (this last trait also has the (significant) potential to affect self-confidence, and tips on this would be come in handy).

One more need . I am not good at new conversations, at all. My MO is: a few initial getting to know you jokes, followed by a reading (and likely discussion) of their body language and by a few context and conversation specific jokes.

To sum up:
1. advice on approaching women who give fleeting glances when they are alone and when they are with friends.

2. advice on approaching women who are minding their business when they are alone and when they are with friends.

3. how to walk away from a rejection gracefully

4. how to avoid interpreting body signals negatively

5. what the heck to talk about--a few general topics should suffice as I already purchased a book on it from Amazon, following my discovery of this forum.

Sorry for the length and the mess, but any advice addressing the above would be super