Hey all,
Well Im 35, and just come out of a 9 year relationship, which totally wasnt what I expected at all.
Getting back on the scene and dating, just seems a horrendous thought right now, and my confidence is low, self esteem is battered, and Im completely out of touch on how to chase women. Im certainly not looking to get back into a relationship right now, but was hoping some flirting and some casual adult fun might help me move on, and stop dwelling in the past.

Ive finished reading The Game, and Ive started looking at The Rules Of The Game.

I dont think I have Approach Anxiety as such. I can pluck up the courage to go and talk to someone. My problem is.....then what? Im terrible at banter, and Im certainly not cocky/funny. I can easily use an opener, but then I immediately return to AFC mode, with lame questions like "So where do you come from?"

Anyway, Im here looking to better myself, develop some confidence and improve my social skills. And get back out into London and start sarging!

All the best everyone!