I was at the bus stop, and i see this girl talking to her friend id consider her like a 6-7 so she looked kinda pissed so i said " You look pissed" she then started laughing. i push and pulled for a bit about her glasses, nose, hair, and height at random times on the bus she was laughing and trying to prove herself i saw. she also started asking a lot about me and when she asked my name i told her id tell her when we get off. so we get off and i tell her "ima go" and ask her "if she likes suprises" you can only guess what happens next i go in for a kiss wich i think on my part was a little to fast and i shoulda saved it for a date but i think it has its benefits then she still asking my name i tell her and we say bye she says shell see me tommorow at school with a smile and we go.

personally i think i did a good job