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    Default Not so bizarre love triangle

    A year ago I was hired at a bar by a girl that I was not attracted to at first. She has an amazing body and I've been told she is very good looking. My deal has always been that I'm more attracted to women that are weirdly hot and not attractive hot (it's just a thing with me). Anyway she's been dating this guy for a year and a half, who is very verbally abusive to her, in other words he's an asshole. So the girl and I became really good friends. She would tell me things about her boyfriend etc. I was fine by that, she put me in the friendzone and thats all we were was friends. But 3 months ago, I realized I started to get feelings for her. I don't know why. So I started becoming frustrated because she would tell me her boyfriends problems and it would frustate me cause I was getting nowhere with her myself. So a month ago I told her that I had feelings for her and I was taking myself out of the friend zone, that we could no longer hang out as friends. We work together everyday and I try to ignore her unless I have to talk to her, but she has started flirting with me lately, I've tried to ignore the flirting but sometimes she tosses me such a flaunting flirt I just can't pass it up. She's still with her asshole of a boyfriend and I don't think they will break up anytime soon, what I'm wondering is should I flirt with her or continue ignoring her?

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    Default Re: Not so bizarre love triangle

    This is a moral decision only you can make. Some PUA's will go all the way, even with married women. And some won't touch a woman who's been dating a guy for a week.

    What we know is that women will cheat on a man that does not satisfy either her emotional or sexual needs. So if you're fine with her cheating on her boyfriend, go for it.

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