I dont know whats up with you out there, but my watch says 03:27.

This evening was pretty farking good. I didnt pick up 1 girl, i was just out there.
I have been living with self inflicted solitary for almost 2 years now. I have been using weed as the one and only source of pleasure, and all the while it made me more nervous and depressed.

But that's not the case tonight.
After i got off work (the dishes) i talked for an hour with the hotelclerk about life and death, family and fun things that are important for young men like us. I didnt knew the guy before we spoke, but we had a very good conversation, the best i had in many months. When i got home my mom was in bed and i called my friend Joe, who was in the local bar (which is a daily horror just to walk pass, because i am such a worried nerd about the outside and inside world).

Well when Joe told me he was in that bar, my first reaction was: "I'm not sure, but maybe i'll go." But i knew this was the right night, because my nerves are kinda loose today, and so i went. I left the house at 0:45 and within 10 minutes i was surrounded by all these locals and damn, i didnt knew there were so many goodlooking blondes around here. I had the impression that i was being checked out (because underneath these shaken nerves i am proud of being handsome). fark i know now i have to go out again tomorrow.

I feel like me again tonight, like i have not felt in over two years. I just have to step up to those broads now and get some, i know i will proof myself i am able to pick up the hottest among them. I feel so good about myself right now (and i am sober), i see there is a lot to improve. sh1t, i must sleep first. From now on there will be no more sobbing and pity. No more addictions, but many limits and most important...

from now on i will be straight with myself

this was my introduction, by Sunday i will explain my goals in pick up. I think street game is most important in everyday life, and so i must focus on the rapport building fase.. and of course escalation

Leave it up to Kurt, Kris and Dave, they can feel it, i know