hi everyone, im new in here but not new in the game
here's my field report n i need some help!!

sat. night, i went to the night club when 1:30, n i saw this adorable
girl when i get in.

she's chatting with her friends near the dance floor.
then i started making value with the people around which next to her groups
i pulled a random girl danced n make them scream n laugh.
after my target girl subconsciously noticed me,
i made strong eye contact with her , then switch the girl i was palying with to her.
i reached out my hands n showed her my joyful smile, she took my hands then i pulled her in with a spin immediately.
she started laughing.
i said
"omg! i love ur heels , they are badass! but ur dance suckss!!"
then i bumped her away with my ass, then pull her in strongly let her lie on my chest.
she laughed so loud n try to tell she learned how to dance salsa..bla..
me:"oh! really? so who's ur teacher? i wanna give him a punch!"
she kept laughing , i spin her around n snack dance , then dancing dirty salsa.
her body is getting so hot, i feel it from her lower arm,where is the part i test if a girl's on. n i whispered at her ear tell her she's bad girl , i wanna chat with her.
we got to the sofa, her friends saw us, n there's a french girl friend of her kept scolding me assholes bla bla bla...she made defense for me, n explained her friend just drunk..
i told her that
me:"hey! i never felt this, n i got a feeling..that.."
"pick a number from 1~4! get it ?"
me:"i picked 3!!"
her:"OMG!! no way!!!! "
me:"holy crap!! u freak me out!! i can't talk to u anymore!"
i turned my back to her then turned back tell her..
me:"how could u read my mine! are u special to hack into boys mind? or sth?"
me:"so don't tell me you are left-handed too!"
coz i realize she might probable a left-handed from the way she do a spin.
her:"you too?? no wayyy! i can't believe!!"
then i suggest go dancing
when we dancing,,,i put my head on hers...
they way she looks at me showed me the sigh
i whispered to her
"u know,,,i tried so hard not to kissed u"
she:"you are such a gentleman"
then i grabbed her hair n made out with her.
then we danced n chat normal a little bit,,
then made out again...
back to the sofa, i started running deep comfort stuff
i asked her what's her best personalities, n she asked me back
n my answer, of course impressed her.
i use the routine from mystery
me:"so if what are u , what u wanna be in the future? don't said

her:"of course not prices"hit me on the chest
"i wanna be a marineoligist "
me:"ooh!? sea food pro! so u can make me amazing sasimi next time we meet?"

her:"no!! it's not sea food!" hit me again" but i like sasimi too tough im a vegetarian."

then i told her that i never seriously wanna get to know a girl in night club, coz it's kinda not real...

she agreed n said this is her first time that she feel so different.

(gota go to work..to be continued..)

how to