Actually my nickname Sloth is the animal but in the game, that's gotta change.

I first bought The Game when I was in Taiwan, age 15. I thought it was awesome, but only got half way through because of two reasons. First it made me jealous as heck and second, it seemed to easy to be true.

Now, I'm diving back into the the PUA world. No pain no gain. I always thought I'd lose my virginity the first year in college and I still have time to make that a reality. It's only been the second day back in the community, but I've learned so much. I took notes on TEASE videos, threads, and started falling the projects on Rules of the Game. Today alone I striked a couple convos with girls on campus that were actually interested in saying more than "im good how are you". I attribute this compeletly 100% to these PUA threads and Virgil, my mentor.

On the side, I have two friends who worked out a diet and exercise workout for me to build muscle.

Oh, and here is the reason behind my overwhelming desire to be a PUA. I've always been the nice guy, the protector. It never served me well, it never got me the girl. But at least it was only heartbreak. However, this last year I got played by 2 different bitches. That was the last straw. No, this isn't a revenge spree on doing as many girls I can, but it's about compensation. We bros have to stick together and help each other out. And that's what I love about the PUA community. Like the breakdance community, parkour community; the PUA community has so much love going on. Free advice, encouragement, and statisfaction. Your d1ck is my d1ck, your success is my success.

I have many life goals, to start my own company, revolutionize Japanese porn, and now I have a new one, to help our unfortunately taken-for-granted brothers. (But of course, i will need to become skilled myself.)

Bid all of you success, and a salute to the founding fathers of seductions,

ps: My base is in Ames, Iowa. Couch and wingman provided.