hey im jay , a24 year old indian who lives in uk,studies an MBA leeds, i just moved here, and i cant talk to girls,i get tremendous Approach Anxiety and try to grind up against em, also im overweight and that kills a little confidence

here are my problems
throughout my childhood, i went through physical , verbal, emotional and mental abuse by my father, he still calls 4 farking times a day and does nothing but ask question after question which just annoys me, he always wants to know everything, i hate him so much but hes still paying for everything and hes a powerful man back home, in many ways when i talk to him all my feelings of wanting to get the fark away just come rushing back, ill never trust anyone my entire life because of him

now heres the other stuff, ive only slept with 4 women and made out with 9 or 10, and ive been so desperate all the time, cos im just shackled by that motherfarker, im a goodlooking guy, better looking than 90% of indians out there, also of the 4 women, one was this girl in rome that just slept with me, i kept calling her after when we went home, she stopped answering, she eventually filed a restraining order against me, which damaged me further

Also i got realy sick last year with some breathing issues and things became worse and ive had anxiety, ive had the worst last 3 years, i need to get laid everyday and be happy
also i like this girl, call it oneitis, but i want to have that girl just to see if it goes anywhere, shes a 7 or 8, there are hotter girls, but shes pretty and funny, i just wanna get laid for a while then have her and see where it goes,i need to know how to open, and what to say after opening, i wanna sound cool and not corny, mid game ill be fine,but just the first part