For starters I know a little of the PUA ways, read The Game, and Rules to the Game, an NLP book and one on Confidence building. All looks great on paper i just never seem to get around to putting ideas into action.

I think most of my problems originate from my High School days. I was always around mostly good looking girls, played High School sports and did go out to party's, but i always seemed to get stuck into that friend zone. Im not sure what from my personality put me there but it just seemed to be as far as any relationships went. To be honest my Sr. Year and that summer were the last of my real attempts to have any sort of real relationship with a woman. After that point life started to pick up pace and I just haven't had time. The past 4 months being deployed and the rest of it to come Im sure are doing wonders for my social aptitude. I'm looking for anything i can use to help myself meet new women when I return and what I can do to avoid that "Friend Zone."

Tips, Tricks, Hints, Words of wisdom from the wise, ill take what i can get at this point.