Hey hows it going, I run my practice a lot different than most puas. I roam cites I train in and find the unfortunate and either sneak or hand them my medium sized business card that is convincing enough. This business is declining however, I find myself after a couple years recognized on the streets. I have a solid stack of rules that are required to be followed by my students.
1. You are required to inform your target that you have been trained in the Venusian Arts in 30minutes or after successful 2nd Limbic re-entry (on most occasions aka Isolation) which ever comes first
^^^this makes you feel more of a person and gives you values that the woman will respect more than realizes your using something another pua has used on her later on.
2. Respect the women you pick-up
(I know its kind of a contradiction but here is what the rule fully means)
>No target identities (all targets are known as Betty like the old school surfer term) Special condition:none, only your follow pua WITNESSES can know the woman's identity and never ever be shared as Betty
> Plateaued homeostasis over isolated R complex (better to have her psychologically healthy in the friend zone than psychologically injured in a blow out)
> You've received the training, so it's all your fault.
(All domestic misunderstandings is the puas fault, the training I give is extensive to the point that almost all areas are covered. PUA training is to make coincidental, or driven interests at it's best. Mass majority of women seeking anything above minor tips are drastically low and then take that number and reduce it down to 2% that attend boot-camps ((yes there is a small market for women needing professional guidance to get in the pants of many of the active posts here!!! (((yes women want it too)))thus to make a point, you have the supreme upper hand. Like a bud of mine says; "Though the newbie sucked, the outcome remains that I got the kill." She will be swept away with your pick-up abilities and seduction skills, because so you're awesome, accept your pilvileging with responsibility)
3. Love the ones that love you first before making love to unknown. This way you are fully prepared for going out romancing. I'm not saying the 300lbs house keeping lady. I'm talking about the sweet one that always strived for your validation, or the one that flirted with you but you were always holding back. Give them a chance, many find that all they were looking for was there all along they just needed to be psychologically balanced through specialized training