What's up everybody. I am here because it had been a while since I had gotten any ass. 15 months to be exact. That is fucking extreme shit. Since I was in high school I never had problems getting laid atleast once or twice a month, although it was only sometimes with a girl i found hot, but there was always something there.

after a break-up about a year and a half ago, i quickly entered another relationship in which i was just supplicating the girl, never got any ass. but in the mean time i full closed a fairly good looking 42 year old phillipino woman, and shortly there after a 30 something pharmacorp rep who wasnt all that good looking (I am 26). And then 15 months of nothing, until two weeks ago after some diligence, listening to pick-up podcast and reading a couple of books, as well as losing some weight and trying to rewire my brain. i closed two women in the same weekend (no sex but got what i needed without my hand!!!). boost to my ego. and proof that some hard work does pay off.

anyway i am looking for any advice anyone wants to give, good reading or listening materials (not $500 package deals lol) thanks everyone!!!!