Hey everyone,

I am new to these forums, but have known about PUA techniques and stuff like that for a few years. I unfortunately have never had a success in this area of my life. I may know a lot of helpful strategies and techniques, but I fail to apply them in everyday conversation. I am also very paranoid in social situations and often question whether or not people like me, even if they clearly do. I over-think everything. Even though I have a lot of friends in school, I find that I am usually very quiet is large groups and sometimes struggle to have conversations with others, simply because I do not know what to say.

My big Summer project is to get this part of my life taken care of. I don't think I'll have any success getting any girls in my group of friends to like me, so I need to start over. I'd also much rather have girls that live near my home rather than have it be someone I only see while at school. My first task when I get home in May is to start approaching in order to make all new female friends and create a new social circle from scratch. I'm also hoping these new friends will be allies and give me tips on where I can improve in terms of looks, fashion, and how to have more meaningful conversations with girls. From there, I'll start approaching with the goal of getting a date. Hopefully the end result will be a girlfriend. Any tips or advice on my plan would be greatly appreciated. I hope to participate on these forums and finally get this part of my life in order!