Hey, I have been a card carrying AFC (if there's such a thing...I think ) for quite some time. I've been initiated into the friend zone several times by being the non-threatening straight guy friend that often gets treated like the gay guy friend...or worse at times the "girl" best friend...even though I was a guy.

Recently, I went to a therapist because I realized I had some of my own issues that I was constantly sabotaging myself in other areas than just women (financial, schooling..).

I was diagnosed that I was co-dependent. For those who are unaware or perhaps not in the know, this is simply something where you attempt to take care of others before taking care of yourself. I've done things and I am now doing things to ensure that I'm taking care of myself and not being a complete "walking carpet". I was an average frustrated chump on over-the-top nuclear power. I'm able to now separate that nuclear powered aspect, and ready to graduate out of the AFC realm.

Co-dependency will always be a part of my "background" per say, and there are things that I always must think about first to ensure that I'm doing more healthy reactions than something that reeks of that nuclear powered AFC. And, well, that's why I'm here.