Whats up I'm obviously new here so I'ma keep it short and simple.

My problem, the most I get from some girls is a hook up and never an actual relationship (of any kind). It doesn't necessarily have to be serious just something different like hanging out with someone I'm interested in, instead of just a car or bedroom not knowing anything about them.

Anytime I want to hang out with a girl they usually cancel plans or flake on me; even after they sound interested or excited. Another issue is I have a hard time connecting with most girls so they find me boring. Only some will catch on to me and like me but even I don't get far with them.

My friend I talk to (female) told me that I'm maybe just too smart and I can only keep girls interested for sometime and the reason I hook up with girls at parties is because of my appearance alone. She basically described me as interesting for the moment. I need help keeping girls on me because the acting cocky indifferent game only goes so far. I admit I don't know what to talk about with females most the time but I do rarely find ones where we hit it off (the ones that flake on me).

So I need help with conversations and help preventing flakes.

Any questions and criticism I'm up for it.