Hey my fellow students of life. I'm clumzy (self chosen name, lol)

Used to visit this site and tried to follow the advice given by all the guys.

The advice, definitely helped round me out as an individual. I improved in many different areas.Thanks for that

But as far as girls, nothing...nope,..... .Well, actually it did a little. But just that little bit really for the most part.

But about two years ago, certain events happened in my life that changed my entire perspective.

I don't know if I want to explain the event or the changes that took place. But, I pretty much became fearless, as well as somewhat ruthless (not in a cruel way, I would hope though), and extremely methodical.

Right now, I have no problems really getting girls keeping them, and having them around for entertainment, lol.
That sounded wrong, no?

Well, I don't really care, I guess. My decision. Somehow I justify it.

Anyway,sorry for this long thing.But im introducing myself and trying to say that I'm here to help, and hopefully along the way i'll pick up a few things.And if I do (both), I'm happy.

G-d bless.....

For those athiests of you.......Good Luck out there in the field....and I do meant it.

And,now,RESPOND or else...!(kidding,lol )