Hello, I'm new to the forums. I stumbled upon here yesterday while searching a question I had about how to close the deal on a certain girl. I liked the way the forum looked, the helpfulness and friendliness of the members here so I thought I'd give it a shot.

I'll give a little background about my myself. I'm 18 and will be going to college next year. I'm excited to meet new girls there since I have ruined my reputation at my high school as being a "player." I've never cheated on a girl, but there were many rumors started which destroyed my credibility. Also, recently coming out as an atheist has driven the final nail in my social life's coffin. I don't go around putting down other people's religion, but I defend what I believe when I am being provoked. (please don't offer religious advice to me if you decide to comment. I've read the Bible, I go to church, and I have religious talks all the time. I would appreciate it).

I'm looking to make a change in my life. I've had a good bit of experience with girls for my age. I have a few problems I am looking to fix though. I'm pretty insecure and I really want to overcome that. I get pretty shy around girls I've never talked to before (unless I'm drunk). I have the same problem around girls I really like. When it comes down to girls who hit on me first or if I don't have a big interest in them I use dhv. That really seems to work for me with those type of girls.

I lost a girl I've been talking to for 4 years (we were always friends, but we started talking about a week ago). She showed disinterest so after many attempts I just stop talking to her and she sent me texts asking what was up and she thought we were gunna start "talking." She proceeded to tell me that I didnt try hard enough, even when she put forth no effort. A little advice would be greatly appreciated.