hey there guys,

new as member, but I've casually surfed this forum
here and there in the past months (last few things
i remember looking at were regarding re-engagement
texts to send to girls)

currently I'm living and going to school in orange county,
prior to that i was in San Diego, but I'm originally
based in s.e Asia.

while growing up having self help books and whatnot
in my household, it wasn't until '07 that i looked
into David Deangelo's stuff. i found initially the
material to help me get out of my shell and get
some numbers (i remember certain methods
and approaches towards escalating worked)

a few years later, read a bit of Carlos Xuma's stuff
along with other things shared with friends. The game
was pretty lame in my opinion..

It wasn't until last year that I worked with Wing Girl
Method's material and through a short Skype session
that I got to explore the Tao Of Badass.

I feel that a lot of the concepts I apply today
have been through that, and through WGM.

Ultimately I am looking for a solid relationship
and to keep meeting interesting girls out there,
as much as I feel that there are challenges
held upon me (the height of 5'4, being Asian)
I've managed to break through a lot of beliefs
and get results. I know that there is a lot
I'mstill working on inside and I'm looking
to communicate and learn from others
through this forum