Hey guys, my name's Sunupu. Alright, let's cut the formalities, we both know why I'm here.

I've read my weight in e-books on how to pick up women and I've been pretty successful at implementing them, but my only work in the field is solo. I'm not an AFC, but also nowhere near PUA level.

I think I could be good, but I need a frame of reference. I need people I can talk to, bounce ideas off of. I'm not looking for "coaching", I'm looking for cohorts, wing-men.

I'm not just looking for a girl, or even several. I want the swagger. I want to be able to walk into a room and own it, to be able to Disarm and roll with the punches. I want to move beyond getting laid on a semi-regular basis (two, sometimes three times a month) to taking a new girl home every night.

Anyway, hope I've come to the right place. I'll be posting semi-regularly, maybe it will spur me to something greater. Give me a month and I'll probably be asking to sarge with a few Chicago-area users. I'm pretty stoked, I'm looking forward to what I can both give and receive with this forum.