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    Default Hello Friends i have a doubt .

    Hello guys, well i'm here to anyone ask me some questions.

    I have a girlfriend,two months together,she's beautiful but i am an admirer of different kind of beauty a bbw a plus size beauty, and she gainning some weight these months with me ,the problem is....

    I love girls that are fat,but not every fat girl,it's my preference,smelling ,beautiful face. Well my doubt is,she don't want to be fat,i don't want she very fat, but i want her fat,and we have some intrigue for this reason,this is a powerful value in relantionship to me,i want a help by yourselves,what can i do ? To convince her to be fat and she'll be totally in love and obsessed to myself that do everything to me,deep fall in love, do you have some material or something i must to try ?

    I Know it's strange , i dated skinny girls befora ,but i prefer plus size girls .

    Thank you friends,

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    Default Re: Hello Friends i have a doubt .

    Welcome to the forums, Vitoryuss. I want to ask you not to post the same thread twice in the future. Furthermore, your English is quite difficult to read. Try using the full stop (the . ) more often instead of the comma (the ,).

    I don't think there is any material that convinces girls to become fatter or make them happy with their bodies. You see, PUA is aimed at men improving themselves and gaining the ability to seduce the most beautiful women possible in the process. Fat women are not considered beautiful in general so there's little to no material on them specifically.

    I wish you the best of luck with it, though.

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