I'm Matt, I live in a relatively small city in the midwest -- if that's pertinent I information I can share. I do alright with the girls -- I'm not sure if that's an under or over-exaggeration. Depends on the day, I suppose. I have a lot more lonely nights than I'd like, so take that for what it's worth.

Truthfully, I didn't realize this was such an art or a skill. I thought it was more 'I say hi, I be myself, and if we click, we click'. That works for me sometimes, while others it leaves me in an awkward conversation with a girl that was initially interested -- and it never gets me taking a girl home that night (not the kind of girls I want, anyways). I'm too shy to approach a whole lot of women so I have to take advantage of what I do get. I'm on a bit of a dry spell, so the confidence isn't all there right now.

I consider myself pretty attractive, as do a lot of girls, I think. I'm 6'5, nice smile, gray eyes, a pretty nice jawline, and muscles, but a bit of a big nose, which I don't think has been much of an issue. Oh, and I dress nice. But for whatever reason it doesn't translate into getting women. Looking to maybe learn a few things from you guys. I've been reading up on the subject, but while some of the guys offer a plethora of information, I find myself asking "why does that work?" or "wouldn't that come off as kind of creepy to a girl I just met?" -- and without knowing those answers, I can't bring myself to try it. So hopefully I can get some back and forth. I can share my picture if anybody wants to know what we're working with here.