Hello everyone.

I think I should begin by saying I am not a seasoned professional at what it is we all strive to do. Yes I have had experience. Yes I do use routines weekly. Yes I've tried to create a few of my own and have tested them in the field.

I have a deep respect for woman, a few I consider my best friends. I want to make this point as well due to the fact I categorize girls whom I know of and speak to. You will see in my future posts and stories from my experience.

You guys can call me Nix. Im 19, live in Derry,Ireland. I have a good close group of friends who don't believe that any of this work and strive for perfection in the gym, which I have adapted as well till only last week I began my old ways of using the principals that forums, videos and my favorite book taught me . [the game] This is how I fell in love with the concept of being a pick up artist.

I hope I can possibly find a few wing-men on here, make a few more friends and most importantly sponge in as much as I can to become better at this.

Thanks for reading.