Im new to this forum and i guess you can call me Jus. So a little bit about myself, Im not a virgin and I wouldnt say I have a problem with talking to girls at all but I do have a problem when it comes to my game. I find it easy to talk with girls but its just hard for me to get past that "friends" stage and turn it into more sexual/flirty texting. Im in highschool so I'm still young and im starting college in the fall and just want to be able to start college with at least 3 f-close's under my belt. Rightnow I only have one and I kinda got lucky with it, considering the girl was a bit of a freak and was dtf pretty quickly. Id say my problem with girls is that I text them too often, and im too concerned with their opinion of me, which leads me to being too cautious about what I say to them. I read some stuff on the alpha male and this has changed my whole perception of girls. All today ive been trying to improve and it seems to be slowly working, I just wanna slowly turn myself into a master at this crap ahaha (not tryna sound unrealistic). PS Im really thankful for discovering this forum haha