Hey guys. I am 30 years old. Fairly good-looking and I work out.

I lost my virginity at 19, if I remember right. Before that, I only had maybe one or two bjs. Soon after losing my virginity, I began hanging out with identical twin guys who's life mission (they were raised this way by their single father) was to have sex with as many girls as possible. They befriended me and brought me out to bars and clubs. Girls flocked to these guys but they never wanted girlfriends, just casual sex. I soon began sleeping with the girls they picked up from clubs and lower income neighborhoods. I put some effort in, but girls mainly flocked to them and I surfed off them. We had threesomes and orgies before i ever had a real girlfriend to care about. I had slept with around 100 girls hanging out with these guys but I now see I was never confident with girls. I just played the tough guy and they were always around us. I never learned to really talk to them and I feel my sex was the simple result of just being there. When I turned 24, I wanted out. I wanted a gf to care about. I got to experience that for a bit and liked it, but didn't last. I spent the next few years not really getting laid. I love sex, but to me I still don't get the idea of being a player and putting in all the effort. Yet I see the results guys get and I do want it. I have re-connected with my old pals after all these years and their still natural man-whores. Ideally I would like another gf, a companion. My buddies dont really understand this, as they say I should still be 'chopping' girls at the clubs. Am I able to be successful in the pickup game with this underlying wanting a gf desire? Or should I give up and be myself? I do desire a lot of these younger girls my buddies pick up, but I find almost they can see thru me, that im not like my buddies and maybe putting on an act alittle. How can I be more real in the pu game?