I'm 23 years old and I want to live life to it's fullest extent.

My one-itis dragged me around on a leash for 4 years before I finally got that the disney movie happy ending isn't gonna happen for me if I only just hang around long enough for her to finally love me back.

I made out with 6-7 girls in the last year, f-closed only one so far in my life.

Since I began studying I already changed a lot. I walk upright, I look people in the eyes everyday in the university, I started working out.... I shave my head.
The only thing that annoys me at the moment is my paleness.

I do have a good sarcastic humor which people sometimes don't understand. I believe that the best way to deal with your shortcomings is to make jokes about it.

But I experienced that many people just rather deny the fact.

I would rate my looks as a 7.

I never went for anything I didn't want but I guess what I do lack because of that is experience to get the girls I do want.

Right now I'd say that I have 2 big problems.

Approach Anxiety is one of them.

The other one is my fear of escalating kino or just kissing a girl.

I will post my specific problem in the appropriate thread.

Of course I want to fark HB's along the way. But the more important goal to me is a girlfriend.

I suddenly feel excitement. I want to explore this world that I have missed out on for so long in my life already. I feel more like a man and I'm almost at the bring it on world attitude.
But my AFC moments still come.

I know that I have a great personality.

Back in the days I never used kino on a girl because as so many others I thought that that is relationship stuff and it didn't feel natural to me. Now I kino a lot with my platonic female friends.

Good luck to all of us.