this girl i started dating reallly digs me.she buys me stuff, leaves notes on my car and pays for her self when we go out. i made the mistake to to tell her i like her just as much as i like her. our text are short random and we maybe talk on the phone once a day a hi and bye.the other day she stopped talkingto me for a day because we talked about the people shes slept with. i didnt tell her it was good or bad just kept some distance, she called back later that night drun k and told me ow bad i made her feel by my reaction.i dont want to lose her interest and she the type of girl that can get any guy she wants.i tried to make seem several times like i can walk away from this if she ever messed and let her know that girls talk to me and flirt with me by shwoing messages. just to make it seem like shes replaceable. ive read a couple threads but i wanted to post my particular situation.