Greetings fellow PUA's.

I'm a 21 year old student from Norwich in the UK.

I've had reasonable success with women over the years, I've slept with 13 girls to this date - never through conscious game though.

The last couple of years I had a lot of stuff go wrong in my personal life, including my best friend and cousin dying within a couple of months of each other - which sent me off the rails and knocked my self confidence loads. Everybody has problems though, so sob story aside it's now time to get back into it - hard.

I've recently started learning The Game - started off with the book 'The Game' by Style then moved onto the forums, material by Gambler on YouTube (which has been my favourite so far as it suits my style) and anything I could read.

I've come here to learn anything and everything I can about the Game, I want to get back to having a couple of on-going FBuddies at any one time. I've also always been pretty scared of cold approaching and night game surprisingly, having had all my success previously through friends of friends and classmates etc. This is where I really struggle, as well as day game (cold). So my targets at the moment are to get as good at this as possible.

What I'm currently doing to improve:

1. I've just started going out every Friday night with a wing and we set ourselves targets like we have to each open 5 sets a night and Number Close twice
2. I've started cold opening as many girls as possible - on Facebook, Plenty of Fish, Bars, Clubs you name it
3. I'm lining up dates bit by bit - even if I completely bomb initially, from what I've read with practice I'll quickly improve if I pay attention and learn from my mistakes.

So yeah, that's it in a nutshell - I look forward to sharing stories with you all in the future and thanks for posting so much A Grade material in these forums.

P.S - I'm also looking to meet new wings/aspiring PUA's in Norfolk UK, or London, so if this is you then get in touch