Some background...

I'm 29 years old...second year attorney at small firm but I play it up big time. Was in relationship for 5 years was convinced she was the one, things fell thru so I'm back in the game after a 5 yr hiatus. Been playing the field for a good four months now.

Have banged over 30 girls the number would be far higher but for spiritual restraint. I'm an attractive alpha with a tan, 5'9'' is my biggest weakness but body is ripped and wear healed boots when I go out to add 3/4 inch. By way of example went to Tao Beach in Vegas this weekend and picked up a HOT Peruvian light skinned girl within 15 mins (aged 26) was hooking up hot and heavy within the hour. Best part was she was slightly buzzed as was I.

So I have the job, the social prestige, the looks, and powerful game. Can approach nearly any girl I like I'm the type that sits at a table with 3 girls when there's an extra chair. I'm solidly alpha personality and have the potential to get ultra hot women. Discovered the game materials a few months back and am learning rapidly. Still tons of trial and error taking place with the hot ones.

My goal is to get my game so solid to be able to find the mate of my choosing and raise a family. For now its play and fun time, with the goal of finding the appropriate mate close to age 32.