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    Default teach me the ways sensei :)

    greetings everone.
    hello gents (and ladies if theres any around) my name is alex from boston. wanted to say hello and maybe tell you all why i am here. well i guess my reason for behing here is much like alot of you guys. i have no game lol. i have never been good with women never know what to say or how to act. even tho i have had girlfriends, two of which were long term relationships (one was 3 years another almost 5) both of which ended horribly atleast for me since both women chetead. i dont blame them i am kind of a boring guy and i know im the opposite of an alpha male. so i find myself here. hoping with the help of those who have been in my position i can learn to become a man that, maye not all women desire, but atleast a few . so im calling out to any of you that is around my area and would like to take me under his wing, teache me some of your skills help a brother out and show me how it is to be wanted by women. wish all of you the best and i hope to talk to all of you guys sometime.

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    Default Re: teach me the ways sensei :)

    When first starting out it's a bit tricky to decide whether to start working on inner game or outer game first. It's a classic, which came first, the chicken or the egg (btw the egg came first as a result from two jungle fowls from asia, one red one gray, to make the first chicken egg) so I like to think the best way is to go back and forth interchangeably. I also think it is important to take one or two concepts with you when you go out, try them, make your mistakes and learn from them. It's a bit overwhelming to try out all the techniques at once and trying to internalize them. But if you choose to do that then that is fine. The one thing I would warn against is that you do not fall into the trap of thinking you have to internalize all these techniques and be perfect first before you actually go out and talk to women. You just end up always second guessing yourself and asking a bunch of questions on forums like these and never going out So make sure that you accept the idea that you WILL makes mistakes and that is ok. Because you are only human and learning a new concept that literally takes years to even be proficient with. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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