Hey everyone,

So, I just recently became very interested in "The Game." Not the book, rather the overall concept of pickup artistry. I have always had some success with women, but I wanted more. My two major difficulties are Approach Anxiety and securing Day 2's. I've read Mystery's book The Pickup Artist and am planning on reading Neil Strauss's The Game in the next few days. I've also done a lot of reading online and feel I'm starting to get a pretty good grasp on all of this. I've practiced some material but am on break from college right now so I don't have as many opportunities to practice. I'm planning on working a lot on day game this summer though.

Anyway, if any of you want to share your tips/secrets to getting over Approach Anxiety, they will be greatly welcomed and appreciated! Also, any tips for securing Day 2's are appreciated as well! I've got no problem kiss/number closing (about 95% success rate as of late) but I just can't seem to get a second date, which is obviously frustrating.

Well, that's all for now. I'm excited for the world that awaits me and am looking forward to sharing with all of you!