Hey Gapitan here,

So I stumbled across this forum in my search to better myself. I just got back from a first date with a friend of mine and boy, was it awkward. I haven't been out in a while and my game is a bit lacking so here I am.

So here is how the date went. I kept it simple and went for a walk on the beach with her and my wingdog. Everything went alright to say the least but it seemed like an interview.

Talked about family, brothers & sisters blah blah blah.
School, work, where, when etc.

I tried to jazz things up with some jokes and stories but the convo somehow seemed to flatten itself. Don't get me wrong, we didn't have any fail moments but I wished it was more interesting.

So I walked her home and ended the date pretty quick. Im not the person to try to awkwardly salvage a situation. So as im writing this, she text me that she had a good time. Idk fellas, I feel I should be more excited but i guess the chemistry isnt there.

Looong story short, im here to rebuild my game and man the fark up.