I figured if I'm planning on getting a bit deeper into this, I should start reading more posts on here, maybe reply to a few - but before I do; I thought I'd say hello. So...

I'm 31 currently, living in the UK. I came out of a 7 year relationship in Jan, I knew it was over in late october, but I wanted to fulfil my promise of taking her on a snowboarding holiday in Jan. We went, we had fun, we came back, we broke up.

This girl was one I used to eye up 7 years ago in a sandwich shop, and one day she gave me my sandwich and a number. I lacked confidence, it's not that I was rubbish with women, actually I did ok, but I didn't have the internal linking to relate myself, with my luck with women. I thought I was lucky to have this girl (and I was actually, but the feeling just wasn't there for me), I never treated her like a princess or anything silly, but I worried that if I didn't have her, I couldn't do better.

So, there I was, 30 and single. A few months of being down a friend came and helped me sort things out. He helped me do my house up, would come round and drag me out, and we'd start talking to random people far more often. I read The Game. I don't know what others picked up from this book, but personally, what I picked up was far far more than how to approach women, it's more that we all have it within ourselves to change, to be better, and to constantly improve.

I started learning card tricks, at first I was nervous just showing friends; I still am a little. Showing strangers was even harder. I walked up to a table about a month or two ago, approaching a couple - sat down at their table and told the girl to think of a number from 1 to 10, then I slid a bit of paper over the table and her number was on it (You'll all know that number I'm sure...). I showed a trick, she was amazed, and I just walked off into the night. The feeling was awesome.

I've taken up Salsa class, I've started wake boarding, I've read some history, I've watched some videos on being a PUA, and have a LOT more material to consume. This has been 3 months casual work. In the last 2 months, I've picked up a few numbers, some people's facebook accounts - something I've never done before. Perhaps not because I couldn't ,but I guess I just thought I couldn't.

My ex came to stay, she thinks I've had a personality transplant. She left me crying last time, because I accidentally knocked her confidence a little; but she went home and started to learn new languages, picked up her guitar again, inspired by how I've managed to pick myself up and become genuinely more interesting.

I got a hot barmaids number last night, today I text her asking if she wanted to rob a bank (thanks to "In The Tropics here" for his text opener , unfortunately I can't post a link ). She's real cute, i like her, and I'm gonna take her wakeboarding. 3 months ago I'd not have got her number, and I'd have nothing interesting to do with her if I had.

So, here I am looking back on myself 3 months ago, impressed with how I've managed to change myself. For me it's not so much about sleeping with hundreds of women, it's about using the tools I learn here and in other places to ramp up my own confidence and better my life generally. If I can do it, all the other newbies around here can to.