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    Default Need Help, Under 21, night game

    Hey, So I'm a 20 year old college junior, looking to try my hand at pickup. I've never been particularly great at picking up women and have two basic questions.

    One; what, if anything, can I do as far as night game goes being under 21? I go to parties every now and then, but it's summer right now, and most of my friends and connections for parties are out of town.

    Two; Where should I look for tips on what to do when I get a phone number? Should number closing be my main goal? Should I get the number and get out? If not, what are some places I could look to develop a general game-plan? (I don't want you to waste your time writing up a game-plan, as I'm sure many people have already taken the time to type one out, I just sort of need a push in the right direction. That said, if anyone wanted to give me some tips, or perhaps an email I could shoot some questions too, I'd really appreciate that as well.)


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    Default Re: Need Help, Under 21, night game

    Well as a fellow <21 I can tell you that the best thing to do is to work on your day game. Practice talking to girls as you go about your daily life. Strike up conversations on the street. One great way to do this is to develop that flirty personality you don't turn on. You know the guys, the ones that flirt and tease an old lady in a wheel chair the same way you would a hot chick in a tube top. It'll keep things fun, playful and natural.

    As for whether you should go number or kiss or more, we can't tell you that. I know that not having a place of your own really limits any f-closes, so I'm just going to assume we're taking that off the table. But whether you want a number or kiss, that's really up to you. It's not unheard of to do both. But each situation calls for a different approach. You find a hot girl with a great personality, go number and see what you can make out of that. You find a gritty or annoying HB with a great body, then start thinking about the kiss. Then when your done making out you don't have to deal with her squeaky voice again cause you don't have her number. There are so many different possibilities that you'll just have to take it with a case by case basis.

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