I signed up for the PUA Forums some time ago to get some advice on a messy situation. Since then i have worked on my social game and have upped my "game" to new levels. I'm not an expert by any means, but i feel that i can now give back to the forums in some ways.

I just thought that it would be cool to write a brief summary about myself. Hopefully it can connect with someone on the forums and they can gain value from it.

So, i am a 29 year old male, originally from Detroit, MI. I have traveled a little bit and have lived in Texas and Arizona for a short time. I returned to Michigan about 3 years ago and became a new guy in a college town. It's odd not being a student, since every woman will assume you are. Finding out i'm past the college phase in my life (not a grad), actually becomes a conversation in its own right.

My philosophy on "game" is a mix and mash of theories and practice. I look to essentially charm and gain the friendship of everyone in a room, not just the hot women or important men. I want the whole audience to feel uplifted and happy to know me in some way. I feel that this leads to a calm environment where women want to get to know me, even if they didn't find me drop dead attractive on initial interaction.

The weakness in this game is that it takes some setup, cold pickups are not my strength and I'm working on it. Simply, 90% of the women i want to know are walking by me. I figure i should get better at nabbing a few. But, once i get a lady talking to me....i have never had a unfavorable encounter.

For my views on male improvement i believe in the idea of men going there own way. Not really associating with the MGTOW movement, i do adopt some of the principles and concerns. I wish to see fairness in family courts and domestic violence issues. I don't believe in feminism or any of its arguments outside of the purely political nature of woman's suffrage.

Hope this is better than simply saying "hi" and then lurking the forum for pickup lines.

Give me some feedback.