First thread here.

I'm living in okinawa right now and a girl I like(I'll call her "redhead") is gonna be rooming with me and a co-worker of hers in when we get to tokyo in a couple of weeks. Anyways I know redhead is a little into me, I stop by her room sometimes and shoot the sh1t but it never progresses outside of that. Sometimes I succeed, we have this thing where I'll tickle her feet and get her to laughs when she says a smart-ass comment but I don't know what to do after that and I'll be just stuck thinking of what to do next until it fizzles out. She has a roomate too but I don't know how redhead would feel if I tried to take things a little further.

Long story short, how do I keep things going without fizzling out??? BTW it's like 1am in the morning over here right now, I'm gonna get some sleep and check in the morning. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!