Whats up people, the name's Todrick. I'm 20 years old, in college, and lost his virginity 3 months ago...the chick was not so cute, but i loved her. Since then i've had two relationships one with her & the other with my friends sister who is 27, with two kids. The relatioships have both ended, they broke up with me & now i'm single, looking to begin finding myself with women...cause I have never actually had to try. I'm about to go into detail about myself now.

1st-Apperance: At school I tend too wear basketball shorts(nike or jordan) & white or black tee's to class
I have polo's & alot of name brand gear but, i dnt usually wear them, cause me and my friends are just simeple college student who dnt party much, have no cars, & no money to do alot of things you would dress up for. No watches or accesories for peakocking just a pair of stud earrings i wear all the time...Also, the cologne I wear is cool but i end up smeeling like someone's father.

2nd-Approach Anixity: I have never approached a woman before in my life, they usually talk with me or approach me, cause they feel like i'm a player or a pick-up artist already...cause i dnt walk with my head down, my voice is deep, & i'm not ugly, when i do dress up, i look nice...I'm satisfied because i meet people through my friends, i'm quiet at first but when i do speak, i always get alot of laughs cause everyone is relaxing in the room & talking so i have no problem talking or using my sense of humor around my friends...It's when i'm alone that bothers me & closes my self off.

3rd-Text Game: I see now that I am the worst texter ever for a woman. I leave long one's in the beggining not on purpose but because I text how i talk. I say whats on my mind but no one wants to read all that sh1t. I dnt text sexual things & i start off saying how was your day, wyd, basic stuff...I go with the flow of what people say, but i tend to ask alot of questions as well.

4th-In relatioships or even with women period, i tend to agree on somethings, not all though, & sometimes i let the control of the relationship shift cause i get too comfortable with myself & how things are going & plus i like a woman who has a mind of her own...I dnt like to think for another person, because i have my own thoughts to worry about. Also, i let my insecurties of my body(i'm skinny), inexperience with girls, my virginity, & my ability to have sex get in the way of things(i'm not bad, but my first was very sexually active at school & my second girlfriend was marrried before, it made me feel like i had to compete...is that weird as hell), i dnt show them at first but overtime i let them get to me...ALOT...I'm also very nonchalant & tend to overthink things alot...