Hey guys!
I'm a 22 year old Swiss and am now attending college in Pennsylvania, USA.

I had my first and only girlfriend at 15, that was the first time I had sex with a girl. After we broke up, I've only kissed one girl for the next 5 years...
I was becoming a bit desperate and that's when I discovered the PUA world.
It didn't help me much at first but then I left for the US and in the last two years I've been with around 20 girls (having sex with about half of them) but I still didn't manage to find a girlfriend. Some of these girls were really worth it but I just farked things up with them. The last OI I had mind farked me too, I hanged out with her all year but didn't even KC her or anything though.

So here's my introduction, I'm hoping I'll learn a lot from this forum (first time I actually joined a PUA forum).

- BigMish