Hello fellows!
I'm new, and as was told me on the e-mail from PUA Forums, i have to activate my account posting something or replying. Well, i'm Brazilian and I've been found some texts on internet that provides me a new way to see life and relationships.
One of these texts is made by an Psychologist from here. Is not made to get a lot of girls, is more concentrate on longs relationships (one of his books). I'll start translate the book for the en language and post here. He's called Nessahan Alita and he just prepared the material and put on internet anonymously for free. This was back to 2007 year... now we have 4 fully texts made by this professional. It's not PUA at all, but deserves attention. I'll need some time to translate. I didn't met the author, just his job.
For now let's me in troduction myself:
19 years old, chemistry student from Brazil.I'm from the capital, Brasilia. We can compare Brazilian girls with north Americans ones, if you like, of course. Seen's to be usual on america to think that the brazilian girls are beautiful and hot. Well, is true ...that's because i'm here learning this things.

Jefferson T.