hows it going gentlemen.i searched many threads but none matching specific situation. my situations crazy. my girl caught me cheating when she went through my phone. she busted my face up. spent the night and left in the morning. came to my work in the morning to drop of my phone and didn't say a thing to each other. i work with her so i saw her there we ignored each other. after 3 days she text after drinking she asked me to spend the night and i refused and said ill just see you at work. im playing hard to get i guess. i didn't want to make it seem like i wanted to beg her. last night after work everyone told me to set my pride aside and apologize and to not let her go because shes a good girl i said if she initiated contact i would apologize so that's what i did and i told her how much she meant to me, but told her i don't ask twice then i said i was coming over she told me no and i said fine and then she said ill see you at work. this morning i get a text saying im 'seeeing you tonight at 830'

her:what it doesnt make sense
me:gaming her) i have to train today and have a bbq ill call you after
please help