I just signed up today and I recieved an email telling me I should post something so I figured an intro was in order...

I came across PUA a while ago and love the idea of it as the dark side of neuro-linguistic conditioning. I spent yesterday reading around a bit and i'm here to learn a lot more...

I got out of an intense 8 month relationship about 6 weeks ago. The last two months were off and on and then it crashed and burned spectacularly. It sucked, still does (I don't need to describe it to anyone thats been there) and in the aftermath of that I spent time hooking up with old contacts (bad idea... you quickly realise why they are *old* contacts) and meeting girls from online... all solid 6's who didn't set my world on fire (deceptive facebook pictures!).

Anyway, i'm here because I want to reinvent my whole approach from top to bottom, to study, learn and avoid the AFC trap... I want my 8's and 9's back! I'm great when I get talking to a girl but my approach game is weak, it was never great but in the aftermath of the breakup my self confidence took a beating and now I get serious Approach Anxiety. So hopefully this place and you guys can help me put all this right :-)

In return i'll offer assistance with things i'm good at. I'm a specialist at endgame stuff, like convincing your girl to do all the unusual bedroom stuff you want to try but are afraid to ask for. It's fun reading the different methods here and applying what I know to similar frameworks. If anybody has any questions about that then drop me a message.

Aside from that, thanks for reading, any advice anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated and I can't wait to get out there and try some of these approaches out :-)