well i figure its time to step my game up. im tired of having no success with women and i know im not exploiting my full potential. i come here with the aim to master every aspect of male female interactions.

i guess i'll start with a field report from tonite. it was about 2 am and i was starving, so i decided to walk to mcdonalds. i get there at the same time as this girl i recognize, but i just cant remember her name. shes getting out of her car looking a little tipsy. i got to the door just a little bit ahead of her so i held it open for her and she looks at me and thanks me. it wasn't one of those just passing by thank you's, she said thanks alot and looked up at me and smiled. so we walk up to the counter i order my food and im waiting for it to come, thinking how im gonna start a conversation with her and drawing a blank.

Luckily she looks over at me and says "i know i know you... My Name right?" and i replied "yeah you're becky right" she was. and we talked for a little bit she told me how she had been drinkin and was so drunk, asked me to help her find the 4 piece chicken nuggets on the menu. then our mutual friend txts becky and apparently becky hadnt been replying so she was getting mad. i had actually been planning on calling her for smoke and i said so she asked me to call her to see what shes doing. i told her that i would after i ate dont want my food getting cold, and invited her to eat with me.

she didnt, and so i ate my food filled my drink again went to smoke a cig outside intending on leaving but i really didnt want to go home, i was bored of home. so i smoked a cigarette outside then went to get a refill and leave when becky walked out right behind me. so i took the chance to ask her for a ride. she gave me a ride home. which was on the way to her house luckily. i stopped her from going back inside and fighting some girls that may or may not have called her a slut after she handed them a forgotten drink, and we drove to my house. we chit chatted on the drive and i offered her a drink for the ride which she declined. and then she left.

i have a feeling that tonite could have been much better. especialliy if i hadnt forgot to ask for her number. but she said she looked forward to seeing me around, so i was planning on hitting her up on facebook. i just believe there was something i could have done to point of where shed have accepted me on the drink at my house or ended up elsewhere.