Iíve been involved in PUA since July 2011 when I started watching VH1′s The Pick Artist and read The Game by Style. In December I signed up for dance classes and started recruiting wings. Since April 2012, Iíve been involved with two local groups. I have a core group of aPUAs locally.

After a brief and intense romance in November/December 2011, I decided that I needed to up my game. Knowing about The Game and working in sales, I hadn't done terribly. Unfortunately I didn't learn the social rules in high school and college, so it's only recently that I'm starting to get out and go to clubs and bars. I want a gal who likes to dance/party. I also want a gal who can chill and take it easy. It doesn't have to be the same gal.

Coming online:
Having a great support network, I thought that I'd be fine without posting online. However, I've found some tough questions that I can't answer with achieved forums, Google and the people that I know locally. I'm not looking to be exclusive with just one gal, so I'll post some questions about MLTR in a different thread. I don't see much of anything about the social dancing on here. Honestly I feel like you guys are missing out, so I hope to share some of that knowledge. Lastly if I do leave the PUA community to spend more time with one woman, I'd like to be ready to jump back into this with all of my lessons learned instead of restarting from square one.