Wednesday 7/18/2012

Today I had voice lesson at 10am. After having wasted the past two days for sleeping like a mother fucker and being lazy, I got up early today at 7:30am. I watched an inspiring video by P.Diddy on youtube talking about his success and his determination for success a few days ago, and it made me realize that I need to get my shit together and get my focus back to finishing my paper. But my thought was preoccupied with picking up girls.

After the lesson, I went to Farragut North to look for some tourists to chat up to. Although there are some touristy looking people around DC, it’s not like New York where you see them everywhere. So before doing my approach I went to a Starbucks to finish reading Echhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”. The book has been an inspiration for me and it has taught me about how to be present in the moment and recognize the “pain body” which gives you negative feelings and sabotage your success.

It took me a while before I got out of the Starbucks, but now it was time to find a girl to talk to. I was determined to talk to a moving target since it’s been a while since I did it last time. I shouldn’t be complaining but it is a fact that you don’t see 8s and 9s every 2 minutes here in DC so it’s kind of hard to find an attractive target during the day. But as I was walking, I saw a pretty girl. She was probably 7.5. She walked past me and I was thinking “shit, she is walking away!” “fuck!” and thought about the last time I let a chance go like that.

So I ran and caught up to her. It was time to get back into direct approach so I said “Hey I just saw you walking, and I just wanted to say you look so fucking cute”. She stopped and said thank you. I asked her name and what she’s doing in DC. She was asking me question as well. What I noticed was that I couldn’t remember her name and realized that I need to listen well rather than thinking about what to say next. But the interaction itself was alright because I was relaxed. I think there was comfort as well since she was asking me questions. I asked her for an Instant Date but she said her boyfriend wouldn’t be happy but told me I made her day. She didn’t say “I have a boyfriend” which is a typical response you get from a woman to politely reject you, so I guess she really has a boyfriend.

I still haven’t integrated daygame as part of my life because I was actually out just to chat up a girl rather than chatting them up on the way to work, school and etc... But my accomplishment today was that I bridged my night game and daygame since I started to go out regularly at night. What I need to do is touch a girl next time and I think with a right girl, I can build attraction and get past the boyfriend barrier.