I'm FryFubar, a French born guy living in Brighton. I've recently become single again after a LTR and getting my game back on track.

Back in school/college, I was very shy around girls... I was overweight, nerdy and worst of all; French. :O

Something changed when I went to uni and I'm now very confident when approaching women, not that I claim to be an expert! As immoral as it may seem, I heavily play on the French accent; normally I have a strong southern English accent. One thing I've discovered is that girls love a foreigner, coupled with a good (or average) opener; I seem to gain a distinct advantage over the competition.

Nightclubs are my favourite pick-up locations (after filtering through the drunken mess) but I really need to develop my dancing game. I feel incredibly uncomfortable on the dance floor; avoiding it at all costs. I usually use good body language and eye contact to communicate (initially) over loud music and I often use Direct Game when applicable.

So what do I want from the forums? Well to develop my general conversational skills. My mind tends go blank when girls talk about stuff I've got no information about (e.g. celebrity gossip) and find it difficult to make conversation or change the subject entirely. I'm also interested in personal development and wanted recommendations on seminars others have undertaken.