Hello all,

I'm from Bangkok, Thailand.

I am a virgin. Theres a good reason for that shit. First of all, I was in an all boys boarding school somewhere in India isolated in a farking valley. Then I return to thailand only to study in a non-coed school. Meaning the boys and girls building were separated but still one campus. (I thank my idiot parents for that! ugh!)

Gotta mention I also have a mild to moderate stutter. I farking stammer.

I was the famopus guy in high school. If I had the Mindset back then that I have now, I would have shagged many pretty virgins. dang! I was not bad looking too.

Anyways, i didnt really complete collage, as my dad went broke, left us with no money and farking abandoned us. My self esteem was at its lowest at 19 years old. I left collage in one year, could not find a stable due to my stutter so I went into business. I managed to somehow through diligence and hard work make alot of money. For me, its enough. Now i have passive income of aroun $1000 every month without me having to do any work. I can certainly grow even more in business if i want to. But I have put a hold on that for the time being.

I was a Christian on fire too. Meaning I held sex and marriage as sacred. (Not anymore)

I Had my first gf who was a 21 years old korean (I was 26 at the time). in 2011 July. She can easily be rated as a 9-10 on the beauty scale.

Anyhow, i was so close to shagging her. But alas, my inexperience got the best of me. Fark! She was soo into me. Anyhow, she was disappointed at my inexperience, dumped me, and found a new bf in korea. My christian belief did not help me make it any easier to kiss her.

Anyhow, I loved her alot. She was my 1st gf. And i was in hell for 3 months. Pain pain pain. That changed me. I later found out she had slept and made out with one of my friends before she got with me. We were in relationship for 6 months. This devastated me even more.

Anyways, I read the book, cool guys with girls, and started going after girls.

As of now, there is a thai chick at beauty scale of 5-5.5 beauty scale is head over heels mad in love with me. All i need to do is say yes and I can sleep with her.

I had also had a chance to sleep with a 17 years girl with the beauty scale of 5-5.5 but did not do so.

I have been out with several woman, and I am certain they were under my spell. But I ignored them after the 2nd date. One of the them was a Thai-chinese with the beauty scale of 7 but a little older than me. Did not find her attractive enough, she was alot richer than me. Driving me around with her benz. I dumped her.
Now i really wanna try to go after girls the sacale of 8-9. I want that! I wanna shag! I dont understand why I am not turned on enough to want to shag the women with whom I have had the opportunity to do so. Maybe i consider it all work and uncomfortable. I initially hated the idea of pua and working hard to get women. It was sooo uncomfortable for me. But now, I realize, If I never go out there, will be a virgin for a long time to come.

I am an aspiring PUA. I want this.