Here with forum experience and good forum manners I just needed a change and Im glad to be here. I consider myself as somewhat of a natural because I have always been good with women but like anything else I aspire to be better. I recently went through a pretty tough break-up with a really good girl a met in college and thankfully my buddy outta nowhere suggested I read The Game. It saved my life, so to speak, and brought me outta the dumps. With a new zest for life and a feeling a power from the book and online supplements such as this I sent me on a successful rampage of sorts just like is suggested. After that though I kinda fell off the PUA wagon and resumed being comfortable just being me and going fishing a lot among other A male things. My good buddy however went through a similar breakup recently so I did the same for him, I suggested The Game and so he to know is ate up with desire to know more as he as already field tested some bits of pieces of the artistry but I seeminglingly have forgotten more than I learned over the past 6 mo so here I am to re-up my prowess and knowledge. Good to be here. Follow me over to the Ask An Expert, I have a dealing with objections question I know the answer to but have seemingly archived it beyond retrieval.