I'm a 20 year old male and I am still a virgin, never had a girlfriend. I never kissed or help hands with a girl. I feel like a pathetic loser who wasted his teenage years away. I have social anxiety disorder which makes it difficult for me to make friends and virtually impossible for me to get a girlfriend. I feel like if I don't have one soon I am never going to have one, and that thought is making me consider suicide.

I tried forcing myself to be more social with people especially girls but I never know what to say, and I get so nervous, so have a hard time keeping their attention. I get so depressed when i'm out in public and I see couples holding hands and kissing especially if they are younger than me. I have very good hygiene and I wear nice clothes, but no girl has ever shown interest in me.

Its coming to the point where I am considering a prostitute, I know some people say its wrong to pay for sex but you always pay for it when you take a girl out on dates, or buy her gifts. This POF stuff seems to be a lot of random advice but really no step by step process.
Please help me POF community!