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    Default New in town - practicing for a month now

    Hi all, new to the site and have only been practicing the art of seduction for a month now. Looking to improve the quality and number of women I'm dating. I wouldn't say I was bad with women but like most men I fall into that category of sitting around waiting for them to approach me, which we all know doesn't happen (or very rarely). It's the fear of approaching strangers in the street or at clubs which I'm looking to improve.

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    Default Re: New in town - practicing for a month now

    Hey man,
    4 months ago I was 10 stages behind where YOU happen to be now. (And I'm a 41 yr old guy who just recently got divorced for the 2nd time.)

    Not only that, but I was SOOOOO beaten down emotionally by my ex, that I had ZERO confidence in anything in my life.

    The only thing I was "sure of" was, that I'd be spending the rest of my life in this 400 sq ft apartment alone.

    But after the first month of being here I realized how much THAT sucked!! So I started researching everything.

    Now... within the last 3 months of my life, I have managed to make LOTS of new friends! (And my sex life during the last 2 months alone, FAR surpasses what it was, during the last 7 years of my marriage).

    So, what I'm saying is this: I would be willing to bet that you're a younger guy. So, you have THAT to your advantage.
    Which means; If I can pull girls left & right, just after a couple months of studying how to do so, (plus applying the knowledge) then you TOTALLY CAN TOO!

    I STILL get aa! Almost Every time I approach, I get that sharp pinching/stabbing feeling in my stomach.

    But I realized one thing:
    Whether I approach or not, I still get the feeling. So if I DON'T approach, then the feeling was for NO REASON.

    BUT... if I DO approach... the feeling disappears once I actually make the approach.

    Either way... the ONLY way I'm going to lose 100% of the time, is to "NOT approach".

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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