A little back ground. Last night me and my buddy met these two ladies. We talked n danced with them for prob an hour m half to two hours. We connected real well and had a lot in common. We were kissing n touching a lil bit. .Of course we were drunk lol so it wasn't to hard to cpnnect. I told her that she should let me take her out sometime and she said well see. Then she took my phone and put her number in it. At the end of the night I asked her again and she gave me the same answer (first mistake I know). After we kissed a lil bit and said good by. A lil later I texted.

Here's how it went.

M. : )
H )) hiii
M we're gna have a hurdle Race and your gna get burnt. ( I ran hurdles and she went to states)
H. Hahaha no wayyyyy!
M. Lol I might let you won. Your ride is all good?
H na it's all good. This ride screwed us but We can find another ride if you can't.
M do you need a rise?
H were trying to find one : )
M call me.
M were about to sit and eat so let me know what's up.
H we found a tide . Thanks though.
M lol I'm glad you found a tide. Lol. I have to be up for work at 8. Thanks for keeping me up all lnight !!!!!
M night night

Texted her at 3 in afternoon next day

So I hope my beautiful, nerdy lil dance partner got home safe last night : )) lol. ( she brought up multiple times that she was a nerd. Gets really good grades. we Laughed bout it a lil bit the night before)
H I did (: not till like 6 a.m ,but I made it !
M Well good. So i hope Your real proud. Taking advantage of these drunken lips!!!!! )))
M don worry. I forgive you lol
H Haha awe well I'm glad I'm forgiven !
M I can't blame you : ) lol so how was shopping?
H It was good (: spent too much money though. How was your day ?
M Well it's okay. Sounds like you had a successful day shopping !!! Lol So you must be feeling pretty confident right now.
H Haha yes I did ! Why am I feeling confident ? Lol
H (again I was slow responding) Haha yes I did ! Why am I feeling confident ? Lol
M ( where I slipped maybe ??? ). Out of all of the ladies in (location) you were able to snatch up the finest guy there!!! lol. Some game u must have )) hah
M Uh oh. Don get shy on me now. Was it you who was playful last night or the liquid courage : )

No response. Obviously I'm not gna text again. I think I might have went a lil too cocky lol. Could use some advice. Where To go from here. Was that last one a lil too much ?