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    Default New member...and might be sitting on a gold mine.

    Hey everybody new member here...this is my 3rd post I think.
    So here's a bit of info about me. I'm a fitness pro where I lead small group classes.

    As a hobby I'm a performing strongman and do things like roll up frying pans, bend steel bars and that sort of thing. I've created my avatar around that along with a mixture that's a little bit rock n roll. I'm usually able to get away with just my looks and confidence but there is always room for improvement.

    So here is my lock in prop...I had created a video montage that I carry around on my phone for "promotional purposes" where I am performing in front of about 400 people, bending steel bars with my nose (one without wearing a shirt showing off my physique), and rolling up a frying pan for a playboy bunny and autographing it for her (pre-selection?). So I know that there are dhv's up the wazoo but here's a do I bring up the video where it doesn't seem like I am a bragging try hard? Any ideas appreciated and if you know who I am in real life (fairly popular you-tube channel)...please don't blow my cover.

    I appreciate it.

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    Default Re: New member...and might be sitting on a gold mine.

    Hey Vitality,

    Hobbies should come up in rapport building. When the topic comes up, casually hint at it. Let her pursue it, Push-Pull, then ultimately give in by showing her. Make it seem like it's no big deal.

    That's cool btw.

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